Last Defence  is based on the 1981 arcade game Defender ; save the human colonists from the marauding alien hordes.

The game can be played with keyboard/game controllers* and can also be played with just the left mouse button.

* Some game controllers may not be supported - download the  free demo version to see if your controller is supported.

The game features options to alter the difficulty to cater for a range of abilities.

Standard Keyboard controls:

ARROW KEYS = move 

LEFT CTRL =  Fire Laser

LEFT SHIFT = Smart Blast

ONLY $0.99

Video clip has no sound and is for gameplay demonstration. Actual game has sound and music.

Deflektion is a bat and ball game for 1 or 2 players that plays a bit like Atari's PONG in pseudo-3D. For 1 or 2 players (local - same PC).
With 10 skill levels you can play the game in your own style - fast and frantic or take a more relaxed approach - choice is yours!

Video clips have no sound and are for gameplay demonstration. Actual game has sound and music.

An accessible retro-styled arcade maze game.

The aim of the game is to colour-in all the lines on each level by running over them to score points and progress to the next level.

You control the grey square. Avoid the red circle(s). Fill in the lines by moving over them, colour them all in to move to the next level. Colouring lines score points. Use a blocker unit to stop the red circle catching you - you start with 3 blockers. More lives and blocker units are gained as you score points. More than 20 levels of arcade-style gameplay!

This game can be played with a single switch - see the instruction file included for more details.
The gameplay can be slowed down (or sped up!) to suit various levels of ability. Additionally, the red circles and time limit can be separately turned off if needed - play the game your way!

ONLY $0.99


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