The standard version of KARATE - Way Of The Fist has been released - get it here.

Currently working on a special one button version with several accessibilty features planned.

More about the game here.

Latest update here.


KARATE - Way Of The Fist is a retro-style fighting game similar to games such as 'Karate  Champ' and 'Way Of The Exploding Fist'. Take your novice Karateka from White Belt to the revered rank of 10th Dan Black Belt. As you win matches you earn experience points which you can use to increase your fighter's attributes, such as toughness, power, stamina, defence etc. As you gain ranks new kicks, punches and strikes will become available to you.


Semi-realistic fighting - no fireballs, super jumps or juggles!

Custom combat engine with unique features - your fighter's attributes affect the fight!

Smart artificial intelligence - PC controlled fighters provide a challenge and don't rely on cheap tricks to make them more 'difficult'.

Create your own fighting style from a choice of up to 32 karate techniques.

Accessibility options including single-switch controls.

Training mode to practice your moves.

Interactive training to boost your karateka's statistics.

Tournament mode.

Local 2 player mode - beat up a friend!



6th FEBRUARY 2020

Began converting the standard game to a one-button version. This means that all gameplay and menu navigation - the entire game can be accessed with just a single button.

As such, it is necessary to create a separate stand-alone version of the game.

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