Currently working on a fighting game with RPG elements - working title "KARATE - Way Of The Fist"

More about the game here.

Latest update here.

Main combat engine is done, currently working on character sprites - there's several hundred frames of animation needed for each character.

Clip of a few new kicking animations.

You'll notice the background is a bit bland - more detail will be added along with other places to fight in.

Some new animations showing how easy one move can flow into another.


KARATE - Way Of The Fist is a retro-style fighting game similar to games such as 'Karate  Champ' and 'Way Of The Exploding Fist'. Take your novice Karateka from White Belt to the revered rank of 10th Dan Black Belt. As you win matches you earn experience points which you can use to increase your fighter's attributes, such as toughness, power, stamina, defence etc. As you gain ranks new kicks, punches and strikes will become available to you.


Semi-realistic fighting - no fireballs, super jumps or juggles!

Custom combat engine with unique features - your fighter's attributes affect the fight!

Smart artificial intelligence - PC controlled fighters provide a challenge and don't rely on cheap tricks to make them more 'difficult'.

Character customisation - choose from a variety of appearances for your character.

Create your own fighting style from a choice of up to 32 karate techniques - controlling your fighter is easy - just select a direction and a button to kick or punch! You choose which moves are assigned to each direction/button press.


Accessibility options including single-switch controls.

Training mode to practice your moves.

Tournament mode using a variety of rule sets.

Local 2 player mode - beat up a friend!

Unlockable charcters to use in Tournament mode/2 player including fighters from different martial arts e.g. Shaolin Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Muay Thai.



20th November 2018

The main single player game is now complete, aside from adding some extra characters and backgrounds, but everything is working as it should be. I also added 3 minigames for training your character. Also ironed out a few bugs.

Heavy bag workout to improve your power:

10th October 2018

I've overhauled the main combat engine as I wasn't happy with it and I've fixed an issue with the camera. I've created a couple of new backdrops (they might change before the final version). I'm currently working on the move list editor that allows you to customise the techniques your fighter can perform and map them to your controller.

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